welcome to tu'roc


The Mackies have lost their home to foreclosure, and just before Christmas. Now the family is uprooted and must go live with Grandmama in Maryland where the rest of the extended family have come to celebrate the holidays.


On Christmas Eve, two of the younger siblings, Imani and Nick discover an ancient Kemetic relic (the shu) hidden within their grandfather's WWII chest -- a box that unlocks the gateway into the realm of Tu'roc. It is a paradise older than earth -- a place full of wonder, allusive beauty, and exotic peril.


But this world has become a very dangerous one, plagued by Serafina, the evil "Toad Queen" who seeks to conquer all of the lands, and ultimately return to the realm of earth from whence she was banished thousands of years ago. The youngsters soon find themselves being chased by humanoid toads -- warriors who serve Serafina and her ambition to transform Tu'roc into a swamp lair where she and her deviant armies can flourish.


The children must join the free inhabitants of Tu'roc (lead by Kibwe, the gibbon elder) in defeating the evil queen, and return home in time for Christmas. If they fail, they will evolve into the creatures of Tu'roc....forever. It will not be easy, and not all allies are friendly.